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Linn-Mar claims district mat title

EPWORTH -- They held a demolition derby at Western Dubuque High School Saturday and called it a Class 3A district wrestling tournament.

Linn-Mar survived a day of bloody noses to trim Prairie, 223-207.5, for the district title on a day that had a little of something for everyone.

A little happiness, a little sadness.

Prairie and Kennedy crowned four individual champions apiece, Linn-Mar captured three titles and Xavier notched one as Metro wrestlers nabbed 12 of the 14 individual crowns.

On the unhappy side, quality individuals like Prairie 103-pounder Trey Blaha, Xavier 171-pounder Peter Ickes and Linn-Mar 189-pounder Mark Atwater did not qualify for the state tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines Feb. 17-19.

"It's tough to see a good kid not be able to reach their dreams," Linn-Mar Coach Doug Streicher remarked.

The top-2 finishers at each weight class qualified for the state tournament. Blaha and Atwater both finished third, as did other talented wrestlers.

Chris Walters (119), Zach Witte (145), Cameron Rathje (152) and Andrew Netolicky (189) earned district titles for Prairie.

Luke Kremer (135), Ryan Rodriguez (140), Jordan Baskerville (160) and Ryan "Living Dangerously" Sheldon (171) captured individual crowns for Kennedy.

Alijah Jeffery (103), Joel Northrup (112) and A.J. Garcia (215) climbed the victory stand for Linn-Mar. Braxton Chicchelly (130) finished first for Xavier.

"Four champions is a great thing," Kennedy Coach Brent Paulson said. "You're disappointed in the ones who didn't quite get it done, but happy for the ones that are going on."

Five wrestlers finished second for Linn-Mar, giving the Lions eight qualifiers for state and enough depth to capture the district team championship. Prairie advanced seven wrestlers to the state meet with three second-place showings.

"A roller-coaster day. Districts always are," Prairie Coach Blake Williams observed. "You never leave a district happy. There's always that one more or two more you wish you could have got."

Like Blaha.

Blaha won a Mississippi Valley Conference title two weeks ago with a victory over Jeffery in the finals, but Jeffery got revenge this time in the district championship match. Blaha then lost a wrestle-back for second place to Chase Lynn of Dubuque Senior.

"I feel so bad for the kid," Williams said. "But it's life's lessons that you learn. He'll bounce back, there's no doubt about that."

Kennedy and Xavier are sending their district champions to state, but had no other qualifiers.

Sheldon, the top seed at 171 for Kennedy, nearly got pinned in the semifinals. He survived, barely.

"Yeah, I got pretty worried there," he confessed.

The Cougars edged Western Dubuque for third place in the eight-team standings, 151.5 to 150.5. They got a boost from Baskerville, who was hurt part of the season.

"He wrestled unbelievably well today. Spectacular effort," Paulson said.

Jeremy Severin (130), Ross Lembeck 135), Josh Pederson (140), Tanner Regenwether (145) and Mitch Wantock (171) placed second for Linn-Mar and earned trips to state.

Jayden Flege (112), Zach Becicka 125) and Peyton Wagner (160) placed second for Prairie.

Linn-Mar and Prairie qualified for the Dual Team Regionals that are scheduled for Feb. 22.


1. Linn-Mar 223, 2. Prairie 207.5, 3. Kennedy 151.5, 4. Western Dubuque 150.5, 5. Iowa City High 123.5, 6. Dubuque Hempstead 95, 7. Dubuque Senior 72, 8. Xavier 71.

 Metro Only

103 -- Trey Blaha (P) drew bye; Chase Lynn (DS) tech fall Jerry Duball (X), 2:21; Alijah Jeffrey (LM) major dec. Seth Schwarting (ICH), 14-2.
112 -- Joel Northrup (LM) drew bye; Taylor Moss (K) pinned Kemmy Betwell (DS), 4:37; Jayden Flege (P) dec. Alex Lemus (ICH), 8-4.
119 -- Chris Walters (P) pinned Chris Haman (K), 2:43; Trevor Berry (LM) pinned Brett McIntyre (DH) 1:43; Nick Drahozal (X) pinned Andy Dougherty (WD), 3:19.
125 -- Evgeney Kolyvanov (ICH) pinned Mitch Downey (X) 3:27; Zach Becicka (P) dec. Dan Radig (LM), 7-5; J.D. Ruzicka (K) pinned Enoc Alvarenga (DS), 3:03.
130 -- Braxton Chicchelly (X) pinned Trevor Engling (DS), 1:10; Ben Feuerhelm (K) dec. River Whitters (P), 3-2; Jeremy Severin (LM) pinned Bryton Jones (IC), 3:24
135 -- Luke Kremer (K) drew bye; Tyler Laska (X) pinned Jamie Day (P), 4:46; Ross Lembeck (LM) pinned Deondre Brown (DH), 1:41.
140 -- Ryan Rodriguez (K) received bye; Casey Becker (P) dec. Tyler Hill (ICH), 9-5; Josh Pederson (LM) major dec. Jack Freeze (DS), 13-4.
145 -- Zach Witte (P) drew bye; Logan Kubovec (K) pinned Skyler Kelley (DS), 1:15; Tanner Regenwether (LM) pinned Jake Miles (DH), 3:47.
152 -- Dakota Digmann (LM) dec. Morgan Hall (WD), 11-5; Shane Williams (K) pinned Andrew Mahone (IC), 3:45; Cameron Rathje (P) pinned Sean Ickes (X), 1:54.
160 -- Andrew Holladay (LM) pinned Blake Kass (WD), 5:14; Jordan Baskerville (K) tech fall Jarred Joens (X), 16-0; Peyton Wagner (P) pinned Gary Pape (DH), 5:02.
171 -- Ryan Sheldon (K) drew bye; Kody Dailey (ICH) dec. Peter Ickes (X), 7-5; Michael Kluesner (WD) pinned Alex Steenblock (P), 3:32; Mitch Wantock (LM) pinned Mitch Glaser (DH), :50.
189 -- David Demmer (WD) pinned Zach Deitrich (K), :52; Andrew Netolicky (P) pinned Jack Boland (X), 1:51; Mark Atwater (LM) major dec. Mitch Powers (DS), 13-2.
215-- A.J. Garcia (LM) pinned Jared Barak (X), :25; Mitch Ramler (WD) pinned Tyler Zacek (P), :30; Brad Gingerich (ICH) pinned Jake Dunne (K), 1:03.
285 -- Dustin Smith (LM) pinned Zach Barry (DS), 4:13; Dakoda Elledge (WD) dec. Dillon Brunscheen (P), 3-1; Andrew Luensman (DH) pinned Dalvin Dixon (K), 2:40.


103 -- Blaha (P) tech fall Hosch (WD), 15-0; Jeffery (LM) major dec. Lynn (DS), 9-0.
112 -- Northrup (LM) def. Moss (K), injury default; Flege (P) dec. Gotto (WD), 3-2.
119 -- Walters (P) pinned Berry (LM), 2:33; Lynn (DS) dec. Drahozal (X), 8-4.
125 -- Steger (WD) dec. Kolyvanov (IC), 10-8; Becicka (P) dec. Ruzicka (K), 6-5.
130 -- Chicchelly (X) pinned McGovern (DH), 1:36; Severin (LM) dec. Feuerhelm (K), 1-0.
135 -- Kremer (K) pinned Laska (X), 1:52; Lembeck (LM) major dec. Nemmers (WD), 12-4.
140 -- Rodriguez (K) dec. Becker (P), 3-0; Pederson (LM) dec. Brimeyer (DH), 8-4.
145 -- Witte (P) pinned Koerperich (WD), 1:41; Regenwether (LM) dec. Kubovec (K), 2-0.
152 -- Smith (DH) pinned Digmann (LM), 1:30; Rathje (P) major dec. Williams (K), 11-2.
160 -- Hamm (IC) dec. Holladay (LM), 4-0; Baskerville (K) dec. Wagner (P), 2-1.
171 -- Sheldon (K) dec. Dailey (IC), 12-10; Wantock (LM) dec. Kluesner (WD), 5-4.
189 -- Demmer (WD) dec. Ferentz (IC), 10-7; Netolicky (P) dec. Atwater (LM), 4-3.
215 -- Garcia (LM) major dec. Blus (DS), 14-6; Gingerich (IC) dec. Ramler (WD), 5-3.
285 -- Donnelly (IC) dec. Smith (LM), 3-1; Elledge (WD) pinned Lyensman (DH), 3:12.

  Metro Only

103 -- Duball (X) dec. Schwarting (IC), 4-3; Feldman (DH) pinned Duball (X), 3:39.
112 -- Gotto (WD) dec. Moss (K), 5-0.
119 -- McIntyre (DH) tech fall Haman (K), 17-2; Berry (LM) dec. Drahozal (X), 3-1.
125 -- Downey (X) pinned Duccini (DH), 3:41; Radig (LM) major dec. Alvarenga (DS), 15-4; Downey (X) pinned Radig (LM), 1:53; Ruzicka (K) dec. Kolyvanov (IC), 7-3.
130 -- Whitters (P) pinned Jones (IC), 2:23; Whitters (P) pinned Gansen (WD), 1:15; Feuerhelm (K) dec. McGovern (DH), 4-2.
135 -- Hasler (IC) dec. Day (P), 16-12; Nemmers (WD) dec. Laska (X), 10-8.
140 -- Brimeyer (DH) major dec. Becker (P), 12-1.
145 -- Kubovec (K) pinned Koerperich (WD), 5:01.
152 -- Mahone (IC) pinned Ickes (X), 3:56; Williams (K) major dec. Digmann (LM), 8-0.
160 -- Pape (DH) dec. Joens (X), 4-2; Wagner (P) dec. Holladay (LM), 7-3.
171 -- Steenblock (P) pinned Glaser (DH), :59; Steenblock (P) dec. Ickes (X), 2-1 (DQ).
189 -- Berendes (DH) major dec. Deitrich (K), 11-0; Boland (X) pinned Powers (DS), 5:46; Boland (X) pinned Berendes (DH), 5:58; Atwater (LM) major dec. Ferentz (IC), 11-1.
215 -- Haas (DH) pinned Barak (X), :21; Zacek (P) pinned Dunne (K), 1:14; Haas (DH) pinned Zacek (P), 1:51.
285 -- Brunscheen (P) pinned Dixon (K), 1:10; Brunscheen (P) pinned Barry (DS), 2:53; Luensman (DH) dec. Smith (LM), 5-0.


103 -- Jeffery (LM) dec. Blaha (P), 5-3; 112 -- Northrup (LM) pinned Flege (P), 1:55; 119 -- Walters (P) dec. Lynn (DS), 9-3; 125 -- Steger (WD) dec. Becicka (P), 4-0; 130 -- Chicchelly (X) major dec. Severin (LM), 12-1; 135 -- Kremer (K) dec. Lembeck (LM), 5-3; 140 -- Rodriguez (K) dec. Pederson (LM), 4-1; 145 -- Witte (P) dec. Regenwether (LM), 6-0; 152 -- Rathje (P) pinned Smith (DH), 2:39; 160 -- Baskerville (K) dec. Hamm (IC), 7-5; 171 -- Sheldon (K) dec. Wantock (LM), 3-1; 189 -- Netolicky (P) pinned Demmer (WD), 4:36; 215 -- Garcia (LM) dec. Gingerich (IC), 3-1; 285 -- Donnelly (IC) pinned Elledge (WD), 4:40.


103 -- Lynn (DS) dec. Blaha (P), 4-3; 119 -- Lynn (DS) dec. Berry (LM), 9-5; 152 -- Smith (DH) dec. Williams (K), 5-4; 160 -- Wagner (P) dec. Hamm (IC), 3-1; 189 -- Demmer (WD) pinned Atwater (LM), 3:41;


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